Mohito Cares
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Take part in the MOHITO CARES special action.
We will plant a tree for every item sold with the MOHITO CARES tag.

Mohito Cares

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Mohito Cares

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Mohito Cares

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Mohito Cares
Mohito Cares

For EVERY item you buy with the MOHITO CARES tag, we will plant a TREE.

Mohito Cares

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Learn more about the materials we use.


is a certified modal, derived from wood cellulose. It is biodegradable. Its fibers are mainly produced from a renewable source of raw beech wood, obtained from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries, and the whole process is environmentally friendly.


is organic cotton. No chemicals that destroy the leaves of the plant are used during the process, its production saves also the amount of water used. It is collected by hand and cleaned with natural ones means. It is cotton of much better quality than cotton traditional.


is a certified lyocell, originating from wood cellulose. It is biodegradable. It arises in a closed cycle, through which ensures better energy and water circulation as well as lower chemical consumption at production. It is not allergic, therefore it is recommended for allergy sufferers.


is a viscose certified by the Union European EU Ecolabel. It is obtained from wood cellulose originating from sustainable forests. At least 50% less is used in its production water than conventional viscose production.


is a polyester derived from recycled materials such as plastic packaging. Thanks to its use, we leave a much smaller environmental footprint - its production saves the consumption of natural resources such as water and energy and reduces the amount of waste.


is polyester made from recycled content, including PET bottles. Its production emits less greenhouse gases than the standard process, and water and energy are also saved. Clothes made of REPREVE fibers are frequently characterized by very good quality and high durability.

Mohito Cares

Body 95% Cotton
top 65% Modal, 33% Lyocell

Mohito Cares

Jeans 79% Cotton
Jeans 99% Cotton

We try to minimalize the impact of our actions on the environment.
We use fabrics easy to recycle – that means they can easily be used again in order to:

  • decrease the use of natural resources,
  • decrease the amount of waste

The charity action lasts from 31.08 to 31.10

Action in cooperation with Mohito mastercard princeless special

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